Company profile

Group of Companies "PromStroyKontrakt" — a large industrial and construction company engaged in the development, production, implementation and delivery of construction materials, equipment and technologies, as well as system technology solutions for the construction of industrial and civil, and special applications. Holding specializes in the design, integration, engineering and technical support from the monolithic construction of buildings and structures of varying complexity, including technology, formwork, reinforcing steel, concrete, insulation, engineering and finishing works.

Our catalog in English 

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Our international brends

  • Post-Tensioning Systems Dywidag-Systems International 
  • Mechanical Splicing System Erico Lenton and Dextra Bartec 
  • Expansion Joints, Spherical bearings, elastomeric and Lead Rubber Bearing isolators 
  • Geotechnical Systems DSI 
    • Threadbar Anchors 
    • Permanent Anchors & Temporary Anchors 
    • Removable Temporary Anchors 
    • Standard Corrosion Protection (SCP) 
    • GEWI-Multibar Pile 
    • Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) 
    • Permanent & Temporary Soil Nails 
    • Rock Bolts 
  • SANY and Putzmeister Concrete and Solid Pumps

Active participation in SRO Activity


Currently, NP SRO «SOJUZATOMSTROJ» has more than 583 members andthis list of members is still expanding. The vast majority of members of the SRO are medium and large businesses, engaged in nuclear facilities construction.

Kinds of activity: 
  • Committee on innovative technologies
  • Committee on technical regulation
  • Committee on education
  • Executory directorship
One of SRO goals is to develop and implement industry-specific construction standards. 
PSK has got the official status of «ATOMENERGO» standards development center (mechanical splicing system).